Blog June 25, 2018

Still Familiar

Keith Mancuso

We have some news.

As many of you may already know, after almost seven years together, the Familiar team have decided together to move on to new opportunities. It was a hard decision but a necessary one.

Luckily Familiar as you know it will continue on. Reflexions is a NYC-based digital agency founded in 1999, with clients that include The James Beard Foundation,, The Jed Foundation, Anthology Film Archives, and the MTA. The Familiar team has been working alongside Reflexions in a shared office for the past 18 months and have gotten to know them well.

As of July 16, Reflexions will be taking over the Familiar brand and will offer continuation of our services going forward. This means the Familiar name will live on, and you can continue to reach out as new projects and opportunities come up.

Familiar Header

I and the rest of the Familiar team (now affectionately known as Familiar Classic), have loved working with all of you. Carl, Ian, and I started Familiar to work with organizations we believe in and to help them continue to grow and succeed. We were lucky enough to never compromise on that vision and have been honored to be a small part of so many great organizations.

The future of Familiar is bright and we look forward to seeing where Reflexions takes things in the years to come.

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