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A fluid web experience for an artist with 20 years of work to explore

Paula Hayes Portfolio Website
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Based in New York City, artist Paula Hayes has exhibited work since the early 1990s, showing in museums and galleries as diverse as the Museum of Modern Art, Wexner Art Center, and Marianne Boesky Gallery. She needed a website that would showcase the complex, nuanced facets of her work.

paulahayes.com ↗

To achieve this, we reorganized the structure of her previous site to be more clear to visitors, creating mobile-ready page layouts, and, most importantly, serving a fluid mosaic of imagery on those pages that featured her work. Each artwork was allowed to shine individually without sacrificing its relationship to her whole body of work.

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Paula Hayes's art and design has a diverse audience; her site supports a similarly wide array of devices and technologies, allowing every interested visitor to engage with her work.

Ph Mobile
Every page transition on Paula Hayes's website is accompanied by fluid animation to allow for a smooth experience that enhances the connections between her artworks and exhibitions.
Ph Type
Ph Color
This new type and color palette for Paula Hayes was chosen consciously to distance her from an existing reputation as an “earth mother,” and into a more ambiguous space while still harmonizing with her organic but futuristic work.
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